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What’s next for The Flash going into Season 4?


It’s been almost a month now since The Flash’s Season 3 finale aired and we saw that Barry paid the ultimate price for creating the Flashpoint timeline, as well as the evil speedster Savitar. We saw our hero retreating to the Speed Force, paying for his actions which raises the question, who will protect Central City without the Scarlet Speedster?! With the way Season 3 ended, I began to think that the show may be starting to really draw from the comic books moving forward into next season. It could even result in Wally West stepping up and be the driving force with the absence of Barry Allen.

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The Flash S03 E23 – “Finish Line” Review


Dammit Barry, what did you do?!

So it’s been a few weeks now since The Flash’s Season 3 finale aired and I’m still trying to process what happened in the episode. I think that the third season of The Flash has been solid, with the continuing theme of Flashpoint running throughout the course of the season. I do think that these last few episodes in particular have been strong leading up until the finale. It has done a solid job in Barry and Team Flash fighting back against the darkness in the conflict with Savitar, helping us to understand Barry’s new foe and why he is a very understandable and relatable character. “Finish Line” was the dramatic ending we needed for Season 3, which is going to be a massive game-changer leading into the next season of the show.

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Arrow S05 E23 – “Lian Yu” Review


Oh holy shit on a stick!!!

It’s been a week now since the Arrow Season 5 finale and I’m still trying to process it, I mean shit son! For me personally it was probably the greatest episode in the history of the show so far! As Oliver’s 5 year journey came full circle in this episode and finally learnt about his final year away before returning to Star City (or Starling City as it was called at the time)

The season finale is the one episode each year that is a culmination of what has occurred in the build up to this final episode, creating that final showdown, that will have ramifications leading into the next season. I thought the season 1 and 2 finales were just amazing, especially the season 2 one with the Arrow vs Deathstroke fight both in the present and the past. I did think that the season 4 finale lacked the elements that made the previous season finales so awesome and epic, but based on how season 5 has gone down I had really high hopes for this final episode. I was not wrong at all as episode 23 in Season 5 was so worth the wait and was the most spectacular way to end the final moments of Oliver’s final year away from Star City. “Lian Yu” was such an amazing season finale, but for me personally it is quite possibly the greatest episode in the history of Arrow.

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Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London 27th-28th May 2017 – Meeting the Guests


Its been 4 days now since I got back from the first Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London and I’m still buzzing thinking about how incredible the weekend was! When I sit here thinking about it I realised that I did so much during the show and got to meet so many amazing guests, all of which were just brilliant with the fans.

So this post is just going to be about me sharing the experiences with you guys about some of the guests I had the pleasure to meet. which was pretty much nearly all of them but I’m going to talk about the ones that really stood out to me and made an impact on the show for me personally.

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The Flash S03 E22 – “Infantino Street” Review


Well shit….last week’s penultimate episode of The Flash could possibly be the strongest episode in Season 3 to date. As we know, the series has been building towards the final showdown between Barry Allen and the evil speedster Savitar. This episode was just brilliant as we got to see a really fun team up between Barry and Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold! I thought that the episode did a brilliant job of putting things into motion that could carry over into Season 4.


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Black Lightning – First Look Trailer


Earlier on today we were treated to a first look teaser trailer for The CW’s newest and upcoming superhero series “Black Lightning”.

The upcoming series is based on the DC character who was created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden. The premise of the show is centered around Jefferson Pierce, played by Cress Williams, who hung up the mantle of Black Lightning some years ago. In the show his daughter, Jennifer, seems to have got in to the wrong crowd in her search for justice. With Jefferson finding out about his daughter, it forces him to come out of retirement and once again take up the mantle of Black Lightning. The series will be made through Berlanti Productions and Akil Productions, both associated with Warner Bros. Television.

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Arrow S05 E22 – “Missing” Review


Holy shit! Arrow’s Season 5 has really upped its game this year and has become such a strong series once again this year.

The thing I love about Arrow is the the run up towards the end of each season it has this epic scale feel to it. In previous season’s this is the point where there has been a massive attack to topple Star City, but I really like how it has been changed up this year. I really think that Season 5 has brought a breathe of fresh air to the Arrowverse. This time there’s not major weapon or plot to destroy Star City. The theme running throughout the season is that this time it’s more of a personal conflict between two rivals….Oliver Queen the Green Arrow and Adrian Chase Prometheus! It’s going to be a feud that will end in a jaw dropping way. I mean shit…episode 22 of Arrow’s fifth season was just incredible, had me on the edge of my seat and everything about it was a brilliant build up to what is going to be an explosive and action packed season finale!

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The Flash S03 E21 – “Cause and Effect” Review


The Flash has become a very different show to when it first started out especially in this third season. This season is particular has been a lot darker than what we’re used to since the show began, which is down to the way in which Barry Allen has really made a habit of changing his and the lives of everyone around him. Since the actions of Flashpoint, things have been very different in Central City which has led the Scarlet Speedster up to his current predicament in this battle with Savitar. So far this season we have seen the effects of Flashpoint take a massive impact on Team Flash with Cisco’s brother dying, Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, the battle with the Dominators, Wally beginning to doubt himself and the massive blow being the birth and creation of Savitar.

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The Flash S03 E20 – “I Know Who You Are” Review


I’m still trying to compose myself after watching the latest episode in The Flash Season 3….one second……okay yeah I’m good! So yeah back to the subject at hand, this week aired episode 20 in the Scarlet Speedsters third season and this was the one that every single Flash fan has been waiting for. In this weeks “I Know Who You Are” the identity of the evil speedster Savitar was finally revealed and it was a complete surprise to me I mean holy shit!

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Marvel’s The Defenders First Trailer Released

thedefenders1280jpg-f9b1cf_1280w.jpgYou know when you’re scrolling through you computer looking for cool shit and then come across that one thing that catches your eye? Well tonight was one of those moments, browsing YouTube to find a video titled “Marvel’s The Defenders | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix” and I was like what?! I had no idea that they were dropping a full length trailer for the upcoming Netflix series. After watching the trailer I could not be more stoked for this show to hit our screens on 18th August!

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